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Arrival and Departure Times

Children are received personally from 06h30 to 08h00. Please note that children must not be left at the gate, but must be handed over to the person on duty. For safety reasons, the gates are locked at 08h00. Parents who are late are requested to bring their child to the door and to ring the bell. Please DO NOT hoot. Departure time is at 13h00(half day) and 16h00(mid day) and 17h30(full day) Mon-Fri.

Fetching your Child

Parents are urgently requested not to be late as it upsets a young child terribly if all the other children leave and he/she is kept waiting. If you are late due to unforeseen circumstances, please call in. After 17h50 a fee is charged for late-pickups. The same person/parent should fetch the child every day. Should you send someone else to fetch your child on a particular day, make sure that person has a written note with a contact number on it.  Or call in advance to let us know who will pick your child up.


For parents who drive-thru, we bring your child to the car, however you are required to open and close the door of your vehicle and see to it that your child gets inside safely. Please follow instructions at all times. Please do not park or leave your vehicle in the drive-thru zone. We will bring your child out to you. If you need to come in for some reason, kindly park in the allotted parking bays, or outside the center. Thank you for your co-operation.

Notice of Absence

Parents are requested to send a SMS/WhatsApp if a child will be absent.

Please do not keep your child at home unnecessarily! It disturbs your child's routine.

Children with contagious diseases must be kept at home until the disease has cleared up and a doctor's certificate must be produced.

Please call in re Contagious Diseases.


All medication must be packed in a plastic container with your child’s name on it. Clear instructions must be given as to how the medicines must be administered. A Medicine Register is kept for this purpose. Only necessary medication from a doctor will be given. Parents should give vitamins etc. themselves.

Very sick children with chronic medicines must be kept at home.


Kindly see to it that your young child wears clothes in which he/she can play comfortably and which may be dirtied. A day's 'work' includes playing with clay, paint, glue, etc. Smart clothes may prevent a child from participating in these important activities. Young children are encouraged to be independent and their clothes should be such that they can dress/undress themselves.

There should always be an extra set of clothing in your child's bag!

All items of clothing (and cases/bags) must be labeled with your child's name, please.

Clothing such as dungarees, jeans with fasteners and belts, and shoes with laces, hampers a child's free movements. Please try not to dress your child in such clothing.

Because it is an Islamic Educare Centre, we encourage our children to dress according to shariat. We do not encourage sleeveless garments, dresses/tops with shoulder straps (unless worn over a T-shirt), bare midriffs, shorts for girls etc.

Excessive and expensive jewelry for girls are not recommended and boys are not allowed to wear earrings!

We do encourage dressing in kurtas, burkas, long dresses and fezzez or pretty scarves on a Friday. 

Haircuts & Hairstyles: My School is an Islamic Educare and we therefore strive to uphold all Islamic principles. Boys hair must be cut in one length; no shapes or layers/levels are allowed. Girls hair should be neatly combed and tied back; hair clips are encouraged to keep hair out of the face. Failure to comply to this may lead to written warnings, suspension and ultimate expulsion.

Daily Programmes

Our program starts at 08h05. Please make sure that your child is at the center before 08h00. Children adapt to their new life' quickly if they follow a set daily routine. Children coming late regularly, miss out on lessons daily. This shows in your child's progress.

Besides our Secular and Islamic Curriculum, we also use different education systems to educate and care for your child holistically. Your child will come home with his/her lessons/activities in his/her case daily. This will enable you to converse with your child about his/her day at the centre. It is important that your keep in touch with what is happening with your young child on a day to day basis.

We do NOT keep a file on your child's work - you can compile your own file with the daily lessons your child brings home.

Parents are requested to buy a big sturdy plastic case, instead of the sack type bags. This keeps your child's work neat

and tidy for him/her to present it to you. A big case is also convenient to put a jacket etc in.

Grade 0 (R) only: Files & Workbooks are kept in class. This is given to the parent at the end of the academic year.

Refreshments and Food

Breakfast, which consists of a porridge or cereal, is served between 07h00 - 08h00. A child arriving after 08h00 should have had breakfast at home.

A snack is served at 09h15 - it can be a sandwich, cake, pancake, biscuit, koeksister, fruit, etc.

Lunch is a cooked meal followed by a dessert/treat. (Our menu is shared with you in the January monthly newslettter)

A sandwich, biscuit or leftover food is served at 15h00. Your child enjoys supper at home.

NO sweets, juices or foodstuff may be brought along. A child bringing luxuries to the centre causes a disturbance in our classes.

The rule is: You want to bring sweets to school? Bring enough for EVERYBODY!!!


Parents are welcome to bring cupcakes for the class on their child's birthday. 


'My School' closes only on Public Holidays and on our two Eids (3 days). 

We do not close for the school holidays during the year.

We close for our annual leave from late December to early January.

Excursions & Activities 

Because we care for little tots, we do not go out on excursions. 'My School' arranges fun activities for the kids by inviting institutions / companies to come to the centre. You will be informed about it in advance. These activities cost a small fee and is charged to your account. Activities are compulsory and you cannot opt out of this.

Paper Collection & Recycling

At 'My School' we use a lot of paper on a daily basis. Any donations of paper, cardboard, magazines, boxes, envelopes etc. are always welcome. Please leave it at the desk or the front door. Usable and used, soiled, torn, shredded - all kinds of paper are welcome. What we cannot use, we deposit in the Paper Recycling Bin!

Plastic bottles and containers can be left under the tree. We have a peddler who collects it every Thursday.


Extra-mural activities are offered at 'my school'.

These activities cost extra and must be paid for in advance to the respective institutions. Banking Details for every activity are available.

If your EDUCARE FEE account with My School is not up to date, your child will be removed from the extra-mural classes.

Educare Fees

A non-refundable Admission fee is payable on enrolment.

Educare fees are payable monthly in advance. Invoices are issued monthly.

FEES: Cash fees are not preferred. This is your responsibility. Do not hand CASH to any staff member and do not let your child bring the cash in.

Your receipt will in turn be placed in the envelope and returned to you. Make sure you get your receipt!

NO CHEQUES accepted.

For cash deposits into our banking account, an extra service fee is charged by the bank – this will be added to your account.

Electronic Fund Transfers are preferred. Send proof of payment via sms, fax or email.

Your fee includes all meals.

Every child contributes 1 ream of paper,1 box of tissues and 1 large pack of wetwipes.  

All other stationery is supplied;  except for the gr.R class where a book fee is charged.

NO REFUNDS will be made for absences.


One month's notice is required if a child is taken out of the Educare Centre, except during the last term.

Then a full term's notice is required!

Progress Reports

A REPORT on your child's progress is issued twice a year - June and December.

Should we experience any learning difficulties with your child, you will be called in to address the issue at hand. 

Communication with the Center

A monthly NEWSLETTER will inform you about what is happening at 'My School'.

Occasionally you will receive a NEWSFLASH should an urgent matter arise – this is done via WhatsApp / email.

If a REPLY SLIP accompanies a letter, please complete it immediately and return it to the centre the very next day!


Newsletters are emailed monthly. Kindly ensure that you provide us with a working email address to receiveour emails. 


Please keep phone calls to the centre as short as possible and only for urgent matters, especially during our busy morning sessions.

You are welcome to call in the afternoon,after 12h00 abd during our business hours to discuss problems or to chat! WhatsApp messages suffices for notifications to inform who will collect your child or absences, etc.

It is always good to hear from our parents.

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3 - 4 years

All learners has to be potty trained and off the bottle


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